Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Delivery

This is a product that I particularly love..... ZIPFIZZ..... particularly the Orange Soda flavor.  Not that I'm a big Orange soda fan.  I'm really NOT but *this* flavor of Zipfizz brings up childhood warm fuzzies, I guess... like the treat of "Tang" with breakfast.  I don't really know.  I *do* know that it's yummy and it gives me that feeling of energy, more focused, ready to take on the day feeling without extreme highs and lows.  It's got lots of vitamins and good stuff in it.  It's easy to use:  pour the tube of powder into a bottle of water.  I love mine served in a glass filled with crushed ice.  Yummmmm.

I used to buy my favorite drink at Sam's Club.  It was priced great at just $20 for a box of 20 tubes.  Then I heard thru the grapevine that the Orange Soda flavor was being discontinued.  OH NO!  You know what happened next.  Yes, I loaded up on multiple boxes and hid them in my pantry.  Surprisingly, Orange Soda ZipFizz continued to be found on the Sams Club shelf.  I figured I'd gotten bad information.

Until one day a few months later..... when there was NO MORE ORANGE SODA ZIPFIZZ on the shelf at Sams Club --- not even a spot for it (like it had sold out but would be restocked).  Be still, my panicked heart.

Thank goodness for the internet where I found the company online and quickly found the 'orange' icon, clicked, and purchased 6 boxes at their "sale price" of $19.99.  When the box arrived (doing the happy dance), I quickly realized that what I had ordered was "Orange Cream" and NOT "Orange Soda".  :-(   There IS a difference, however slight.


I emailed the company and explained my situation (no longer found in Sams, then made an error in ordering.)  Asked if I could return the unopened boxes for an exchange to which they replied they would gladly take the product back BUT, instead of doing an exchange for Orange Soda (which was $37 or something like that), they offered a refund and suggested that I order the Orange Soda from where I could buy it cheaper!!!  They explained that the Sams Club buyers made the choice not to carry the flavor in stores but it's still available thru their website and that their shipping is reasonable.  A refund *AND* directed me where to buy and save money???  I love this company.

They did exactly as promised.  I AM SO IMPRESSED.  And, I am a forever fan.  Check 'em out!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Sweets

In between a month of the flu (January) 
and going to Costa Rica (March), 
came the sweet holiday of "Valentines Day."  
We celebrated the week before with a truly fun photo shoot 
with LaLa Photography in Las Vegas.  

So even though it's no longer February, 
sweetness is good ANY time of the year, right?  Enjoy.....

So, which photo is YOUR favorite?
I love comments so please share!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Lovin' Babycakes

 From the sound of this paper theme, "Babycakes," one naturally thinks baby, children, etc.
Here are some cute examples created by my awesome team members:

Cute Welcome Baby card (above) using CTMH stamp, M1027, Baby Carriage.
And a sweet scrapbook page (below) with several Cricut cut shapes.

The card below could be for anyone, right?

The scrapbook layout below is a creative use for this paper--
completely non-baby!

Notice the Glitter Paper used throughout the layout
with more use of our Cricut cuts!

I *love* the simplicity of this card (below) -- how the birdie
was stamped twice so that the wing contrasts the body.
And it uses one of my favorite stamp sets, "Love This."


 You know my penchant for owls.
Isnt this cute - cuts from the Artbooking Cricut Collection.

The Babycakes Paper patterns and colors are so versatile,
that Close to My Heart created a Picture My Life kit
(pictured below) in this theme, as well.
Love it!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Check Out Page 42!

It's so fun when artwork pictured in the
Close to My Heart Idea Book
includes photographs of my
sweet grand-daughters.

Need a copy of the Spring/Summer 2014
Idea Book?

Monday, April 7, 2014

Bargain Boxes

I have 5 boxes packed full of Close to My Heart paper crafting and scrapbooking products.  $65 

Things like paper packs, chalkboard paper & shapes, texture tools, pattern books, alphabets, die-cut cards, edge distresser, embellishment assortments, mini-clothes pins, zipper lace, mini-ribbon rounds and 6 or more stamp sets, and more.  

Retail of $200 (or more) - this is unused, NIP product.  
$65 includes free postage to your house.  
First come, first serve.  Cross-posted.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Join the Fun!

Close to My Heart is offering an  A M A Z I N G  special this month!

If you have a Cricut machine, this deal's for YOU!

If you've had your eye on one of the CTMH exclusive
Cricut collections (Art Philosophy, Artiste, or Artbooking),
this deal's for YOU!

If you'd like to make some money by sharing amazing
paper-crafting - or simply want to support your habit (at a discount) -
 then this deal's for YOU!

Sign up - Join my team (and join the fun)
for just $99 and get ALL THIS:

It's like $300 in products!!

And in addition, you will get to select a 

See the beautiful cut background in this frame?  
It was created using the Artbooking cartridge.

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

April SOTM Contest

Happy April!   

APRIL STAMP OF THE MONTH is something everyone can use! Click here to order yours – and then vote for your favorite card by adding a comment below!

Ready to vote?  Click comments at the end of this post & add your comment indicating which numbered card is your favorite.  (Voting will end April 30th) Thanks for helping decide our winner!

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#5 –

Saturday, March 1, 2014

March SOTM Contest

Happy March!   

A new month means a NEW STAMP OF THE MONTH, and with that, my team creates contest entries using Close to My Heart stamps and products featuring the Stamp of the Month.

Ready to vote?  It's easy to do.  Simply click on COMMENTS at the end of this post, add your comment indicating which numbered card is your favorite.   (Voting will conclude Mar. 31st.) Thanks for helping us out!







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Saturday, February 1, 2014

February SOTM Contest

Happy February!   

A new month means a NEW STAMP OF THE MONTH, and with that, my team creates contest entries using Close to My Heart stamps and products featuring the Stamp of the Month.

Ready to vote?  It's easy to do.  Simply click on COMMENTS at the end of this post, add your comment indicating which numbered card is your favorite.   (Voting will conclude Feb. 28th.) Thanks for helping us out!










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Thursday, January 9, 2014

January SOTM Contest

It's time to vote for your favorite card –– Which is your favorite?
Here are the submissions for the January Stamp Of The Month contest.

POST A COMMENT BELOW to vote by including the number assigned to your favorite card!  (Voting will conclude Jan. 31st.)